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AA59163 MIL-I-46852 silicone rubber compression electrical insulation tape
Storage & Shelf Life

A-A-59163 silicone rubber tape should be stored at room temperatue (70°F) and between 30 to 50% relative humidity.  Storage at over 125°F can result in a reduction of bond strength and adhesion when used. Shelf life is recommended at 2 years from batch date on packaging. Unused tape can be retested by returning to factory.
Typical Specifications for A-A-59163 Mil Spec
Silicone Rubber Self-Fusing Tape
Part Number T-SR-M025-16-TOR (Oxide-Red) & T-SR-M025-16-TBK (Black)
Other width and thickness tapes will have similar properties
Property Standard Test Result
or Tolerance
Test Method
Thickness: Triangular (type II) .020" (20 mil) Centre +/- .002" ABTG-STD-SRT100
Width (for 1" wide tape) 1.00" +/- .020" ABTG-STD-SRT101
Length 36 feet +/- 6.00"  
Colour Oxide-Red or Black N/A  
Guideline Color (type II only) Blue N/A  
Operating Temperature -60ºC to +260ºC
-76ºC to +500ºF
Shipping Weight 140g / 5oz    
Brittle Temperature -65ºC / -85ºF    
Interleave Material .002" thick Mylar    
Tensile Strength 700 psi (minimum) 1100 ASTM D412 / D119
Dielectric Strength 400 V/mil (.001") 575 MIL-I-46852
MIL A-A-59163
ASTM D-149
Dielectric Constant   2.94 @ 1KHz ASTM D150
Resistance   3 x 1014 ohms/cm3 MIL-I-46852
Elongation 300% (minimum) 700 ASTM D412 / D119
Tear Strength 85 psi (minimum) 146 ASTM D624
Bond Strength (1" width) 2 lbs (minimum) 5.5 MIL-I-46852
ASTM D2148
Adhesion Shall not unwind more
than 1.0" after 3 minutes
with 600g load
0.12" ASTM D2148
Inclined Mandrel Tack Test (inch)   0.25 ASTM D2148
Water Absorption (by wt) 3% (maximum) 0.9% MIL-I-46852
Dissipation Factor   <0.0004 @ 1 KHz ASTM D150
Hardness, durometer
Shore A
55-65 55 ASTM D2148
ASTM D2240
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